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Requirements For NOL Carryforward Utilization Surviving Scrutiny in IRS Examination

Joe and Mary operate a closely held business that generates a net operating loss in 2005 and 2007. The net operating loss from 2005 and 2007 are carried forward and are used to offset business income on Joe and Mary’s 2015 tax return. Joe and Mary’s 2015 tax return is [...]

U.S.-Israeli Dual Citizen Denied Foreign Earned Income Exclusion Because “Tax Home” Is In U.S.

In Hirsch v. Commissioner (here) the Tax Court held that the taxpayer’s “tax home” for purposes of  the foreign earned income exclusion (I.R.C. section 911) was in the New York metropolitan area, despite the fact that the taxpayer resided in Israel, because regulatory restrictions on his professional practice limited [...]

Tax Court Rejects Taxpayer’s Reasonable Cause Argument Regarding Automatic Penalties from Failure to File Forms 5471

Flume v. Commissioner (here) revolved around one noteworthy issue: did the taxpayer’s reliance on the advice of his tax return preparer spare the taxpayer from $110,000 in penalties for the taxpayer’s failure to report foreign investments on Form 5471? The taxpayer argued that he relied on the expertise of [...]