Helping you make moves in a tax-smart way

Saving money through tax planning is an art. Deferral and avoidance are the tax advisors two basic tools. Using my knowledge of the tax laws, I can help you arrange your affairs in ways that defer or avoid taxes. Effective tax planning will help you keep more of your money, to save, invest, or spend.

Tax planning is generally somewhat subtle in that it will not drive major decisions. But it will influence subtle choices that are made in life or in business. Nevertheless, effective tax planning helps you to do what you want while minimizing tax bills along the way.

For individuals, tax planning works well when coordinated with financial planning. Financial planners fight for every percent of return on your investment. However, those hard fought for earnings can be offset with higher or unnecessary taxes if financial planning is not coordinated with tax planning. Generally, tax planning means making full use of all applicable tax breaks available under the Internal Revenue Code. As a result, tax planning can take many forms, including taking advantage of beneficial tax-law provisions, accelerating tax deductions and tax credits, planning to avoid the alternative minimum tax (“AMT tax”), ensuring full deductibility of itemized deductions, minimizing the net investment income tax (“NII Tax”), or shifting income to years in which you have a lower marginal tax rate.

For businesses, tax planning is more complex because there are even more options to consider and more traps for the unwary.  Major changes in the operations, financing, or ownership of a business signals both significant risks and opportunities with respect to taxes. Buying or selling a business are major events that call for significant input from tax advisors. In some instances, business transactions can be structured in a tax-free or at least tax deferred manner.

Areas of Tax Planning

Business Transaction Planning – Tax efficient structuring of the purchase, sale, issuance or redemption of an equity interest in a business can help minimize taxes now and in the future.

Transaction Services – If you are buying a business, do you know what tax skeletons you are buying in the deal? If you are selling a business, do you know what the other side will think about your tax position when they look at your company? In either case, have you carefully considered the tax provisions in the purchase agreement?

Tax-Free Reorganizations – Perhaps you’ve decided to combine your business with another business; consider how to merge the businesses without paying tax on a swap of equity.

Complex Tax Research – Perhaps you have a tax question that your usual tax advisor cannot answer with certainty. I can help you research your issue, assess your risk, and determine a path to resolve your issue.

Individual Tax Planning – Let me help you consider ways to minimize your tax bills and maximize your wealth.

Miscellaneous – Got a question that does not fit in a category above? Perhaps I have failed to mention an area that I can help. Or, perhaps I can help you find a colleague that can help you.


Individual Tax Planning

Business Transaction Structuring

Transaction Services

Tax Free Reorganization

Complex Tax Research