Helping you get your tax returns done the right

If you need help filing your tax return, I can help. I have helped prepare hundreds of returns over my career. If you have a simple tax return, I am likely too expensive for you. In that case you should consider preparing your taxes with the help of tax software/websites or go to a national tax prep chain.

However, if you have a more complex situation or you have your own business, hiring a CPA or tax attorney is likely a better option. Hiring a CPA or tax attorney can help take the burden of worrying about your taxes off your shoulders.

I have a variety of experiences that I can use to help you. I began career in a CPA firm, worked on shoe box tax returns for individuals and their businesses. At Deloitte, I helped take sophisticated tax positions for Fortune 500 companies. I spend dozens of hours each year taking continuing education course and reading articles to stay on top of recent changes in tax laws.

I use state of the art software that helps ensure that all calculations are done properly and the software allows me to e-file your tax returns for you. Not only will I help you prepare your current returns, I want to help you find ways to minimize your tax burden in the future.

Areas of Tax Return Preparation

Personal – I can help you meet your personal federal, state, and local income tax obligations.

S Corporation– I can help you analyze your business information, help you maintain your S corporation eligibility, and file your Form 1120S and K-1s.

Partnership –  I can help you navigate the complex partnership tax allocation provisions and file Form 1065 and K1s.

Fiduciary – Form 1041 requires experience with trusts and estate laws and related federal and state tax provisions. I can help you prepare the federal and state tax forms for estates and trusts.

Corporation – I have a great degree of experience with Subchapter C, the consolidated return rules. I can help you prepare Form 1120 and weigh reporting positions on Schedule UTP.

Miscellaneous – In addition to the returns listed above, I can help you comply with your other tax reporting obligations.


Personal Returns

S Corporation





If You Need Help, Let’s Talk. No Cost or Obligation for the First Discussion.

I serve clients throughout Maryland and I am based in Annapolis. Face-to-face meetings are preferred, but generally not necessary. I can communicate with you via phone, email, and fax and still provide effective and efficient service.

A quick conversation is the easiest way to determine whether I can assist you and how we can begin to create a plan to put your tax issue behind you.  

My cellphone number: (443) 292-2395.

If you would prefer, you can also email me to briefly describe your issue or arrange a time to speak. You can reach me at or you can use the contact form.

In any event, please do not hesitate to contact me to see how I can help.